the shape her bOdy makes

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Paperback – May 12, 2016

In the beginning there is a dream. A boy lays aslumber, sleeping the sleep of a thousand years. A wOman enters the space of his sleep. A kiss and a seed is planted withininin the ear of the sleeping boy, held within the soil of his consciousness. The seed germinates. From his thousand year sleep the boy named Ami awakens, rising, and in turn, planting the soles of his feet withininin the soil of the American continent that lays before him. The boy faces east.

Across a vast sea, in the midst of an expansive and immeasurable desert, another wakens to his calling, to begin his journey. He faces west, toward the land promised him and his people. With each footfall these two travelers are brought closer to one another.

As the shape her bOdy makes flows, colorful tributaries take the reader to unexpected places. A rich, mythopoetic language emerges as the novel winds its way across the brawny, dynamic American continent. In a station wagon, in the cab of an eighteen wheel tractor trailer, inside a green boat like Packard, by bicycle, on foot, the reader is moved across the continent. Time Past and Time Present merge as the story rises from the topography, irresistible, and potently visual, part of the great mythology of the landscape etched by all those who have traversed the land, whose dreams have led them across the vast and sprawling American continent.